Opening of the Academic Year 2009


Today is the opportunity for a formal welcome to the Vlerick School, or should I say the Vlerick family. We congratulate you on being admitted and thank you for having chosen to come here. That you have past our admissions process is a sign that you have already used your talents in a fruitful way so far, and we sincerely hope that we can help you leverage these talents even more in your future career and life.

On our Ghent and Leuven campuses you are a total of over 500 masters, part time MBA’s and fulltime MBA candidates who have just started their programme. This is a record in numbers for Vlerick, which certainly did not come at the expense of quality but reflects our growing attractiveness and reputation. I would like to sincerely thank all the people in admissions, and all the others, alumni and faculty who helped with the on campus and off campus recruiting and interviewing.

Given the wide audience, I first want to say a few things about the School and where we are going. Thereafter however I want to address myself to you dear students, because you are our current learning partners, and we will be important to each others future. I apologize to my faculty and staff , as they will recognize some of the  messages.

Read the complete speech | Photos Opening AY 2009

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