Word from the Dean – Vlerick Reflect

After one academic year as Dean, it was with some emotion that I enjoyed the graduation of 301 Vlerick Masters and MBA students. The theme of the graduation ceremony was ‘Management as a Profession’, and at a time when many financial institutions have failed vis-à-vis their stakeholders in society, questions are inevitably being asked of business schools who train future managers. Indeed, becoming a management professional should not only rest on a body of knowledge, concepts and techniques, but also on a sense of responsibility and stewardship. Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School can pride itself on having stayed loyal to the original idea of what business schools are meant to be, developing responsible generalists – a fact which our international MBAs underscored by taking the ‘MBA oath’.

For the first time we were joined by a delegation of our Chinese Beijing International MBA (Bimba) students who are graduating this summer. The first year of Bimba under Vlerick saw a successful transition to the Vlerick model, complete with in-company projects, and has laid the foundation for closer cooperation and exchange possibilities in the future.

We have also passed our re-accreditation by the Flemish Government with flying colours, with former Education Minister Frank Vandenbroucke writing that: “Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School is performing very well. It has made impressive progress over the last five years: from strengthening the health of the School’s financial position and building and strengthening its corps of professors, to improving research results, internationalising the School’s programmes, and professionalising its management.”

In this issue of Vlerick reflect, you’ll find news of a new initiative we are keen to welcome you to: starting this October, Vlerick will hold Research Café evenings in which our latest research will be presented and discussed together with a seasoned speaker from business. It’s our opportunity to show that good theory can be highly practical.

We have dedicated this issue of Vlerick reflect to our core business: individual and organisational development. The participants in our programmes and the HR professionals with whom we are partnering are better placed to describe their Vlerick experience than we ourselves, so in the pages that follow you will hear from them.

Of course, your School not only delivers programmes but also actively researches trends in executive education, requirements for competency development, continued contribution of older employees, and many other management development related topics. We are also advising firms who want to acquire the ‘Investors in People’ label and encouraging others to participate in the ‘Great Place to Work’ contest. All these topics and more are covered in this issue. You can find out even more on the web, or by contacting the Vlerick staff member mentioned in the articles.

We hope that this issue will give you a better feel for the fantastic learning environment Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School has become, via e-learning, in its up-to-date facilities, and above all through a stimulating and challenging learning community. Why not join us sometime this year?

Philippe Haspeslagh
Dean Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

If you are interested in reading this edition of our magazine, go the Vlerick Reflect.

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