Graduation of the Executive Master Classes October 2009

Dear Executive Master Class students and partners,
Dear Vlerick colleagues,

Let me start with a special welcome for all the spouses and partners of our 120 Executive Master Class graduates. You have been very patient and supportive; at least I hope so, over the past eighteen months. Fulfilling the requirements of a Vlerick Executive Master Class is indeed a lot of work, with over two hundred contact hours, a project and all of this on top of the normal job. And for many of you the normal job was all but normal this year, as we have been going through some of the most challenging times in history.

And of course there is the networking, or should I say drinking, which is a crucial ingredient in the mix. Many evenings dear spouses and partners thus that you have not seen your partner, and I am sure you have a small list of things you now would like him or her to do for you, now that they will have graduated. But frankly, dear graduates, in a business year like 2008/2009, you were privileged to have such a good support group outside the work environment.

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